Precision machining


Products to specifications, one of our lines of work

This section covers all industrial products that are completely defined according to the customer’s plan.

We adapt to all our customers’ needs both in terms of materials and quantities required.

Our experience allows us to guarantee products made with high precision machining in any type of material, such as: aluminium, steel, plastic, Teflon, etc. And not forgetting more special materials such as aluminium castings, titanium, Duralumin, etc.
utillaje de precision

Regarding manufacturing runs, our products are made to measure and we are competitive manufacturing both prototypes or single parts or in medium or large runs (500-1000 pcs) depending on the geometry of the piece.

Thanks to our manufacturing methods, the specified product can be comprised of parts with simple geometry as well as parts that require more complex machining (5 axes, copying, etc.)
series medianas mecanizado umec

Finally, from UMEC we manage any subsequent surface or thermal treatment required by the project.

Our value chain ranges from the machining of the part, the management of the corresponding thermal or surface treatments, to the final delivery at your facilities while our sales team keeps you informed during all the phases of the process.

We also have a Quality Control department and a verification room on the factory floor. Our room is at a controlled temperature of 20 °C and is equipped with a coordinate measuring machine and a three-dimensional machine that allows us to verify all our products in order to meet the requirements of the plan.

The precision machining line starts from the concept or the customer’s need for the finished product or final product.